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Oakland’s a special place, a historical place,  that’s been a breeding ground for birthing radical consciousness.  It may not be as visible these days, but those that can see through the smoke and mirrors, are able to tap into the strength that the region can offer.  “Me vs Me” is a personal challenge.  A self-initiated project that pushed the boundaries of our small shop that gets us closer to creating at the highest level we possibly can.  The competition isn’t anywhere else, but within ourselves.

I spot we directed for Stablished Projects

Director / Editor / Producer: Ratha Nou
Production Company: Stablished Projects
Production Assistants: Geraldine Convento, Maxx OGM Prod
Stylist: Mey Saechao
VFX: Greg Del Savio, Sean Siegler, Ratha Nou
Colorist: Jeremy Castillo
Music: Ratha Nou
Writing: Jey Elz Dominguez
Audio Mixdown: DJ Goldenchyld
Talent: Jahron Elz Dominguez, Carlyle Morales, Eric “BlkSoap” Carter, Jern Eye + Khali, Dejon Odom, Julien Hayes & Timothy Bluitt Jr.