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Step 1: Cinema4D

When asked to create short form content for our friend DJ Goldenchyld, we reached into our Cinema4D toolbox. Along with C4D, we used Redshift Render and worked out solution that was dynamic, complex, and easy to execute.

First we leveraged KitBash3D’s premade city kits & we were able to speed up the animation process. With ease we designed an environment to put our main character’s action in a very detailed world.

Step 2: Redshift Render

Next, in Cinema4D Redshift Render, we setup a circular spline that was parented to the car. Next we had a camera that used an ‘align to spline’ tag to align the camera onto the circular camera path.  The Camera was then targeted to a null that was parented to the hip joints of the main character. We did this to  emulate a realistic handheld camera move.  From there the car was aligned to a spline as well that was positioned from one end of the bridge to the other.  The magic came when all we had to do was animate the ‘align to spline’ parameters from 0 to 100.

Finally, Cinema4D Redshift Render in conjunction with Greyscale Gorilla Plugins, gave our scene a luscious sunset vibe with ease. Preset materials, HDRI’s and motion capture character from Mixamo, allowed for a super quick turnaround for short this visualizer.

Overall, we had a great time working out this technical yet simple setup.

Check out the animation at DJ Goldenchyld’s Instagram page and take a listen to his Fort Knocks October Pack

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