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Creative Direction

Always Start With The End in Mind


Design & Animation

Sketch • Design • Model • Rig • Animate • Texture • Render • Crash • Troubleshoot • Render • Beer



A Network of Producers, Cinematographers, Editors, Animators, and Sound Designers.


Stablished Projects has 10+ years working in the Bay Area, for agencies large and small. Through this 360º lens in the production & post-production world, we want to bring this experience to brands looking for a high-impact economical approach.

CableLabs | The Near Future

Produced at David Mackie

Elementum | Supply Chain Video

Produced at Stablished Projects

Xfinity Mobile | Styleframes

Produced at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners

Circle of Fire | Living Room Cypher

Produced at Stablished Projects

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The roots of Stablished Projects stem from a history of dedication to the arts.  We’re obsessed about creating in all mediums, and being a part of stories that matter.  Our story is yours.

The Squad

Lead by Creative Director Ratha Nou, the Stablished Projects team includes designers, editors, producers, cinematographers, writers, illustrators, sound engineers, colorists, and animators from around the world.


We’re rooted in Hip-Hop culture and raised in the Silicon Valley, with a foot in tech, and an ear to the streets, mixed with proven creative execution.


We create rich story content for brands, artists, technology and entertainment companies, specializing in blending live action, motion design and VFX.

Visual Voice

Our strength lays in our ability to interpret our clients needs and delivering beautiful, effective, evocative imagery.

Raising the Bar

It’s what we do.  Year after year we’ve embraced our artistry and enabled ourselves with new technologies and new techniques to add to our vocabulary.

We Are Highly Creative, End-to-End Video Production, Design & Animation.

Stablished Projects | Demo Reel

Produced at Stablished Projects

Rey Res – Jet Plane | Music Video

Produced at Stablished Projects

Bambu – Comrades | Music Video

Produced at Stablished Projects

Shrapnel | Music Video

Produced at Stablished Projects


We concept, write, board, scout, cast, vfx supervise, art direct and shoot, from green screen sets to on-location.


Our core skill-set is in making things move in 2D & 3D.  From typography, logos characters, compositing, promos, show packages and title sequences.


Our foundation is in the illustration and design arts. We have over 10 years of experience in designing captivating visuals.


We offer video production, as well as editorial, Davinci color correction, sound design, mixing and mastering.

Fresh Concepts & Execution

Always pushing creativity forward.
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